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Coal Mine HeatTo install the programs, execute the downloaded file and follow the directions.

Ventsim™ will run in “View Only” mode if no license or evaluation code is present. Latest versions will only work if the license maintenance period is valid.

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Product Version File Size  
VentSim Design™ 5.1 – Full 5.1 83.4 MB Download Purchase
VentSim Design™ 5.1 – Upgrade 5.1 33 MB Download Purchase
VentSim Design 5™ – User Manual   11.7 MB Download
VentSim Visual™ 4 – Full 4.8 61.5 MB Download Purchase

For archived versions of VentSim™, please visit the Archive page.

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VentSim™ Lite

Product Version File Size  
VentSim™ Lite 5.1 37.4 MB Download


Product Version File Size  
VentLog™ (new version) 28 MB Download Purchase

VentSim HVAC

Product Version File Size  
VentSim™ HVAC 1.2 1.2 92.3 MB Download

TeamViewer Remote Support

Product File Size  
TeamViewer 3.8 MB Download