Chasm Consulting to attend IMVC2014 in South Africa

IMVC 2014The Chasm Consulting team will be attending the International Mine Ventilation Congress in South Africa (August 2-8, 2014) to promote and assist with any queries regarding Ventsim™, CSafe™ and the yet-to-be-released Pumpsim™ software packages.

Chasm Consulting will be sharing an exposition stand with local South African ventilation products company Terramin. Terramin have been a proud distributor and supporter of Ventsim™ products since 2010.

Chasm Consulting will also be presenting the Ventsim LiveView™ link with Canadian company Maestro via their MaestroLink function, to show real-time underground sensors and atmospheric conditions within Ventsim™. Maestro specialise in supplying and installing underground sensors for monitoring mine ventilation conditions.

In addition, Craig Stewart will be presenting a paper on how to calculate blast fume dispersion and clearance times in underground mining operations.

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