CSafe 2.0 Released!

CSafe™ 2.0Throughout 2014, CSafe™ has continued to evolve into a complete and comprehensive safety and training management system. CSafe™ is now used in mines, shipping companies and contractors in Australia, the Philippines, and South America.

To kick off the new year, we are proud to announce the release of CSafe™ 2.0, the latest version of our safety software package. The new version of CSafe™ is now available to purchase and includes many new features, including:

  • Visual Update to User Interface – Fully redesigned menu screens and interface for improved usability.
  • Core Skills Training Analysis – Calculate training requirements based on position/role to help ensure training is delivered where it is required.
  • Training Budget Reports, Calculation and Management – Reporting to assist with forecasting training expenses. Also allows for the calculation of a training cost per position.
  • Randomly Generated Action Audits – Select a random number of closed actions to audit their effectiveness.
  • New Record Type Templates – Add a template for your record descriptions to help staff to follow guidelines.
  • Non-Conformance Record Generator – Apply close out limits to each Record Type and generate non-conformance records when a report has not been closed out in time.
  • And Many More…

Sign up for a free trial of CSafe™ 2.0, or contact us to discuss how CSafe™ 2.0 can help your business meet and exceed its safety and training requirements today!