Ventsim™ 4.5

Ventsim™ 4.5We have just released our latest version of Ventsim – Ventsim™ 4.5!

Ventsim™ 4.5 is a major upgrade to Ventsim™, and includes many new features and improvements. Visit our Download page to obtain the latest version of Ventsim™.

New Features of Ventsim™ 4.5

  • Over 100 improvements in features, stability, user interface and performance
  • Multiple Backups
    • Automatically create and access 10 or more backups, even from multiple Ventsim™ instances
    • Retain backups for quick recovery from current model files if problems occur.
  • “Stages” Improvements
    • Big Improvements in speed and stability
    • More intuitive access to options and commands
    • Copy and paste external models into new stages and MERGE with existing models
  • Ventilation Audit Form
    • Create questions to check for common problems and issues with models.
    • Customise your own audits to reduce modelling mistakes.
    • Generate a Summary/Audit Sheet of your results.
    • Ensure that your model meets engineering/ventilation requirements and standards.
  • Thermal “Flywheel” Simulation (Ventsim™ Advanced/Premium only)
    • Simulate temperature variations throughout the mine between day and night
    • Identify areas with high or low temperature variations
    • Improve temperature estimations and better target engineering controls.
  • Full Diesel Emission Modelling
    • Model and estimate a full range of diesel emissions including CO, CO2, NO2, NOx, diesel gases and DPM
    • Customise individual emissions for each type of diesel machine.
  • Path Selection Tool
    • Automatically select paths through your model based on shortest distance, path of least resistance (airflow) or free splits (minimum pressure loss) between two points in model.
    • Measure distance and use path selections to quickly edit or change airways.
    • Extract data and display graphs of ventilation changes along the path, including temperature, gases and airflow.
  • Improved Graphical Scaling and Reference Management tools
    • Now included in the Display Manager.

Ventsim™ 4.5Ventsim™ 4.5 is available to purchase now and is backwards-compatible with Ventsim™ 3 model files*. Current Ventsim™ maintenance holders will be able to upgrade to Ventsim™ 4.5 at no additional cost.