Ventsim™ 4.8

Ventsim 4.8We have just released our latest version of Ventsim – Ventsim™ 4.8!

Ventsim™ 4.8 is an incremental upgrade to Ventsim™ 4, and includes many new features and improvements. Visit our Download page to obtain the latest version of Ventsim™.

New Features of Ventsim™ 4.8

  • VentFIRE™ Presets – New VentFIRE script options including blasting, contaminant release, fire / change growth curves
  • Gas diffusion modelling option in dynamic and VentFIRE simulation – New scaling controls for easier sizing of graphics and text.
  • New licensing options with Chasm Local Server software – Installing Chasm Server software allow companies to manage local distribution of licenses to all computers


  • Performance Improvements – revised more accurate and stable simulation method – for VentFIRE and Dynamic Simulation, particularly with high heat / low flow conditions.
  • Delayed release options of contaminants – , blasting and stench gas now implemented in Dynamic Simulations.
  • Cancel Simulations midway through steady state modelling option.

Ventsim 4Ventsim™ 4.8 is available to purchase now and is backwards-compatible with Ventsim™ 3 model files*. Current Ventsim™ maintenance holders will be able to upgrade to Ventsim™ 4.8 at no additional cost.

* Ventsim™ 4.8 model files with new Ventsim™ 4.8-specific features will still open in Ventsim™ 3, however these new features will not function in Ventsim™ 3.