Ventsim™ 4

Ventsim Visual 4We have just released our latest version of Ventsim – Ventsim™ 4!

Ventsim™ 4 includes many new features and improvements. Visit our Download page to obtain the latest version of Ventsim™.

New Features of Ventsim™ 4

  • Staging Control – a lock/unlock feature has been added to automatically recognise all changes made to a stage. This allows easy customisation, variation and duplication of new stages.
  • Fuel Burn – heating fuels can be directly burnt into airflow.
  • Video Capture – record your on-screen Ventsim™ work to a movie file for use in presentations.
  • New Import Libraries – support added for Microstation DGN files, all Autocad versions (up to 2014), import/display of TEXT, and rendering of 3D extruded solid shapes.
  • New UNIT manager – for multiple unit types and extensions.
  • New FAN manager – import of actual PDF fans curves, fan blade variants, fan installation restrictions, and digitising of FAN curves with mouse via import fan sheet.
  • Air Density Reference – all friction factors and resistance can be referenced to any air density.
  • Reference Graphic Texturing – Photographic textures and pictures (such as satellite images or aerial photos) can be placed over 3D surfaces. Scanned mine plans can also be imported as a 3D textures for tracing over.
  • License Release – “forced” license release process available when the computer holding the license cannot be deactivated normally.
  • Fire Rollback – experimental fire rollback feature implemented into VentFIRE™.


  • Performance Improvements – improved heat, gas and contaminant simulation speed and accuracy, particularly with non recirculating models.
  • LiveVIEW™ Asynchronous Data Collection – simulation modelling performance during data collection is significantly improved.
  • And many more minor improvements.

Ventsim 4Ventsim™ 4 is available to purchase now and is backwards-compatible with Ventsim™ 3 model files*. Current Ventsim™ maintenance holders will be able to upgrade at no additional cost.

* Ventsim™ 4 model files with new Ventsim™ 4-specific features will still open in Ventsim™ 3, however these new features will not function in Ventsim™ 3.