Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1

Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1We have just released our latest version of Ventsim™ – Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1!

Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1 is a major upgrade to Ventsim™ 4, and includes many new features and improvements. Visit our Download page to obtain the latest version of Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1.

New Features of Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1

  • Faster and More Efficient – New algorithms, memory management and parallel processing greatly improves simulation performance
  • New simulation tools – A wide range of new simulation tools for heat, moisture, airflow and error finding build on the existing power of Ventsim™
  • CONNECT option to link Ventsim™ to the real world – View and control underground ventilation devices (such as fans and regulators) directly from the ventilation model and see instant feedback
  • New VentLOG™ 2 version with stronger integration to Ventsim™ – A significant upgrade to the popular VentLOG™ 2 tool
  • and much, much more…. –


  • Improved Graphics Engine faster and smoother graphics, particularly on large models – Ventsim graphics libraries have been optimised for modern computers
  • parallel processing and multi-thread technology – means simulations and screen graphics can update independently and simulations can run faster
  • sensitivity analysis and error checking- can check and predict areas of models where users are more likely to create problems from input errors

Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.0 is available to purchase now and is backwards-compatible with Ventsim™ 3 and 4 model files*. Current Ventsim™ maintenance holders will be able to upgrade to Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1 at no additional cost.

* Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1 model files with new Ventsim™ DESIGN 5.1 -specific features will still open in Ventsim™ 4 and Ventsim™ 3 however the advanced features may not be run or saved in these older versions.