Ventsim Visual™ Version 3.2 Released!

Version 3.2 introduces a number of new features to the software. We have been working on some of these ideas for some time, and Version 3 of Ventsim Visual has provides the framework to more easily implement new features.

Chasm Consulting is committed to the continual improvement of Ventsim Visual for the benefit of ventilation professionals. Existing license holders with valid maintenance dates are welcome to download and install the new software at no additional cost. At this time, the new version can be installed concurrently with the existing version 2 of the software. Note that some new features are only available in the Advanced or Premium versions.

New Features in Ventsim Visual 3.2

Ventsim Visual Version 3.2 has many new features. Here are some of the best:

  • Vector Printing – Vector Printing is a method of printing high resolution graphics to printer or for inclusion in other documents. It is ideal for clear, concise printing and large format printing.
  • RADON simulation – This specialised simulation helps predict the spread of Radon progeny through a mine, and calculate the radiation exposure to personnel in those areas.
  • Linear GAS EMISSION – Allows a specified gas to emanate along underground roadways as defined rates. This features become even more useful when simulated with the DYNAMIC function because ventilation can be slowed or even stopped, and the build-up of gases can be observed over time.
  • FOG simulation – Ventsim Visual has always been able to simulate ‘condensate’ of water forming from cooling air, however this new feature simulates the transport of condensed water as fog, and even the re-evaporation of the fog in the presence of heat or mixing with dryer air.
  • DUST simulation – This new feature is a subset of the normal contaminant simulation. Dust simulation predicts the settling of dust along roadways based on the dust particle size and air velocity.
  • Improved Features : VENTFIRE – Ventsim now has improved graphing capabilities, with multiple graphs being able to be opened at different locations, and data can be smoothed to produce less chaotic results. VENTFIRE now has an inbuilt VIDEO function that can compile a video of the VentFIRE event, and play it back or save it at the end of the simulation.
  • Beta Features – We are always trying out new features. One feature currently being tested in the PREMIUM version is BLAST OVERPRESSURE modelling of underground explosions on mine seals. This feature allows seals of a defined strength to be placed, and then a blast overpressure event (for example methane gas) can be induced to see what seals in the mine are likely to fail.