Ventsim Visual™ Version 3.5 Released!

Explosive DemoVentsim Visual™ 3.5 is the next major incremental update from Version 3.2 and contains dozens of improvements and bug fixes since the release of Version 3.2.

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Note: You must have current maintenance to update to the latest version.

NEW – Favourites Data Display (all versions)

Favourites are a user customised list or group of data types. Favourites groups allow multiple types of data to be shown on the screen simultaneously and can also allow lists of data to be permanently pinned and displayed from specific airways, regardless of the current airway data display settings.

For example, to see the airflow, temperature and pressure loss along an airway, a favourites group can be created with these three data types and displayed on all or selected airways.

NEW – Resizable Forms (all versions)

To accommodate some tablet and smaller sized computer screens, the EDIT and FAN DATABASE forms are now resizable to fit on any screen, regardless of the font or screen resolution setting.

NEW – Custom Pictures (all versions)

Custom Pictures can now be included anywhere in a model. Previous versions only allowed custom icon pictures for preset resistances, fans and heat icons. To create a custom picture (for example a “Refuge Station” at the end of an airway), simply EDIT the airway, enter a name or short note in the NOTE tab of the EDIT box and press OK to apply. A ‘book’ icon will appear on the airway. To customise this icon, simply drag a picture file from a Windows folder on to the book icon to change it.

Dynamic Scaling (all versions)

Allows text and airway graphics to be dynamically scaled in real time, using slider bars on the form screen. This function allows users to instantly adjust a screen that may be cluttered with large airways or lots of text to a much more readable display.

Exporting Data (all versions)

Data can now directly be exported to Excel compatible TXT or CSV files from a variety of Ventsim forms, including the Spreadsheet function, the Fan Database and the Presets page.

NEW – LiveView Improvements (Premium Version or LiveView)

LiveView allows connection of your Ventsim models to static or real-time data, to potentially show actual conditions underground from sensor data. In addition, LiveView will allow simulation of conditions between sensors.

The LiveView Module has been completely revamped and is available separately or as part of Ventsim Visual™ Premium. LiveView now allows an unlimited number of data source connections, even multiple different types and locations. The data source importing has been simplified and additional formats such as multi-sensor stations, and data files without headings can now be imported. LiveView also now allows text messages to be imported, even without data values, allowing LiveView uses to be expanded to custom user databases and file that may contains diary notes and information about conditions and settings underground.

Alarms have also been implemented into LiveView and will show in Ventsim if the LiveView data (such as gas or airflow) falls outside of a preset range.

Ventlog Interface and Display Improved (all versions)

Ventsim now allows Ventlog data to be imported and displayed more clearly in floating text boxes. In addition, the Ventlog program has advanced to version 1.9 and includes many incremental improvements, including offline synchronisation of the Ventlog database, allowing data to be collected underground, and synchronised with the main Ventlog database when the user returns to the office computer network. The Ventlog program update is available free for all Ventlog users.