Ventsim Visual™ Version 3.8 Released!

Tabular Panel MiningVentsim Visual™ 3.8 is the next major incremental update from Version 3.5 and contains dozens of improvements and bug fixes since the release of Version 3.5.

Download Ventsim Visual™ 3.8 »
Note: You must have current maintenance to update to the latest version. Contact us today to get your maintenance up-to-date!

New Features

  • Message Boxes – Text boxes can be placed in a model independent of airways. Boxes can be colored, edited and moved with the normal toolbar commands. Boxes can be fixed in screen position or locked to a 3D point. A new toolbar button is included for this.
  • Stage Limit – Stages now expanded to a maximum 24 different stages (up from 12 stages previously)
  • Resistance Display – System resistance and resistance curve now plotted on fan curves in model. Note that a system resistance on at a fan location is NOT the same as a combined mine resistance.
  • Add picture to any airway – drag and drop a picture from a Windows folder on to any airway without an icon – give the picture a unique name, and it will be automatically stored in the airway as a NOTE icon picture.
  • Unified dynamic scaling toolbar tool – for change text, textbox and graphics scale, and text filtering density to control limit of text on the screen.
  • Flight path recording – for recording and playback of flight path (RIGHT CLICK > Flight) through the model. Saved Flight Paths are added to the SAVED VIEW menu in bold.
  • Additional heat calculators – including Cooling Tower calculation, and Effective Temperature calculation available in the Edit > Heat Form section, and now also from the Tools > Calculators section.
  • PQ (pressure / quantity) surveys – can now be entered into each airway. Choose the PQ preset resistance. Survey can be a fixed survey in a specific, or can be applied as a linear survey over a known length along one or more airways.


  • Favourites Data box now on front page of EDIT box.
  • Colour manager now includes option to sort by Median range (default) or a Linear range.
  • EDIT Box now shows preset resistance value as well as the final simulated value. The simulated value shown requires a simulation to be run for full accuracy. This should provide additional transparency to the resistance process, particularly for compressible flow effects. Coordinates now shown on INFO page in EDIT box.
  • LiveVIEW™ sensors listed alphabetically in the selection list.
  • Added physical and theoretical orifice sizes to data selections. Added Preset Resistance to data selections. All under the Attributes group.
  • Faster and more stable airflow simulation for some types of mines.


Many numerous minor bugs fixes and enhancements including:

  • Fan database lock up
  • User settings save issue
  • PQ Surveys now split correctly when splitting an airway with a PQ survey
  • And much more