What’s Happening at Chasm Consulting?

The move to new offices near Brisbane during the Christmas / New Year period has dominated activities. The move has been planned for some time, and was prompted by a desire to get closer to our growing list of software users. Relocating to Brisbane will allow us to provide better access and service to our local and overseas customers, and the new larger office premises will provide the ability to train small groups of people within our own office.

NEW VERSION DUE : Ventsim Visual™ Version 3.0 is due for release in May 2012 and will introduce a host of new and exciting features, making the software easier to use and more powerful than ever. If your maintenance is up to date at the time of release, the new version will be made available at no additional cost for all existing license holders. Unfortunately, due to the extended features and continued devaluation of the US dollar to the Australian dollar, there will be a modest US dollar price rise with the introduction of Version 3.0 to bring the software in line with its Australian dollar pricing. The Australian dollar pricing will remain the same, and software licenses and maintenance purchased in either currency before the introduction of Version 3.0 will allow existing users to upgrade at no additional cost.

ПРИВЕТ! Ventsim Visual has launched in RUSSIAN LANGUAGE. Russian language joins Chinese, Spanish and English as languages available for Ventsim Visual. Russian language regions of the world represent a boom growth area in mining and technology, and Chasm Consulting is proud to be able to offer Ventsim to this region. Special thanks to Kazzinc Ltd, from Kazakhstan who have adopted Ventsim Visual for all their mines sites and assisted with the translation of the software.

SAFETY SOFTWARE AVAILABLE : Chasm Consulting has had considerable experience in Mine Management and Safety, and have previously developed sophisticated software systems to better manage safety, training and incidents on mining sites. Chasm Consulting will be launching a new product called CSafe Software, an integrated suite of software designed to manage personnel, training, hazards, inspections, incidents, meetings, and health monitoring- and any follow up actions resulting from these activities. The software is available in several versions and is designed to scale from low cost single user small contracting / service companies, up to multi-user large mines or construction companies with thousands of employees. The software is very customizable and promises a very easy to use and economical way to ensure companies comply with all their safety requirements. If your current system is poor, expensive, difficult to use or poorly integrated, contact Chasm Consulting for further information or introductory special pricing on CSafe Software. In most cases we may be able to assist in migrating your existing data to the CSafe System.