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Ventsim Visual™ 3.5 Released!

Ventsim Visual™ 3.5 is the next major incremental update from Version 3.2 and contains dozens of improvements and bug fixes since the previous release.

New features include:

  • Favourites Data and Colour Display
  • Resizable Forms
  • Custom Pictures
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Multi-Format Excel Data Export
  • LiveVIEW™ Module Improvements
  • VentLog™ Interface Improvements

2014 Ventsim Training Dates

TrainingVentsim training courses are an economical way to quickly gain expert skills in ventilation design using Ventsim Visual™ software. Our training courses teach users how to quickly and efficiently build ventilation models, and how to model and design a wide range of ventilation systems and situations.

Our next scheduled training course will be held in Salt Lake City, immediately before the 2014 SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit.

The skills you will gain at the course will ensure you can use the software to design efficient and cost effective ventilation solutions to suit your mine, and comply with the relevant design criteria and legislation specific to your region. Please book ahead as in many cases, positions on courses may be limited.

Course & Location Date  
Salt Lake City, USA - Basic & Advanced Training Feb 21-22, 2014 Book Now
Brisbane, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training Mar 18-19, 2014 Book Now
Perth, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training May 15-16, 2014 Book Now
Brisbane, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training Jul 17-18, 2014 Book Now
Sydney, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training Sep 04-05, 2014 Book Now
Perth, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training Oct 21-22, 2014 Book Now
Brisbane, AUS - Basic & Advanced Training Nov 11-12, 2014 Book Now

Chasm Consulting can also design custom ventilation courses specific to your workplace, and done at a time and date that suits you. Please enquire for further details and quotations if interested.

Top 3 Ventsim Support Questions

We occasionally have users request technical support to explain unexpected results or simulation errors. These are the top 3 issues we respond to:

  1. Mismatched / unbalanced airflows
  2. Anomalous pressures
  3. Fixed airflows and overpressure problems

TUTORIAL – Validating your Ventsim Model

One of the most critical requirements of a Ventsim model is that it accurately represents the ventilation conditions in your mine. For this reason, validating your model with current actual ventilation data and conditions is very important.

Is Your Maintenance Up-To-Date?

MaintenanceVentsim maintenance ensures you have immediate access to all the latest versions and features of Ventsim software. In addition, it provides prompt technical assistance and helps with your software or license should you need it. You can check if your maintenance is up to date using the HELP > ABOUT menu in Ventsim.

Ventsim maintenance fees fund the resources for us to continue upgrading, improving and supporting the software. In addition, it supports the licensing of software components used within Ventsim, the websites and servers, and allows us to respond and incorporate users' requests for new features and improvements to the software in a timely manner.

If your maintenance has expired, please consider obtaining a quotation for updated maintenance. The maintenance for expired customers will include an upgrade cost to cover past improvements and upgrades to the very latest version, and also a component for future upgrades and support to a date of your choosing.

New Multi-Seat
Network Licensing

Chasm Consulting is introducing a new licensing option which may be suitable for mines with multiple licenses of Ventsim. A network seat license will differ from a normal internet activated Ventsim license.


Ventsim LITE

Ventsim Lite is a free, simplified version of Ventsim Visual™ designed primarily for educational use. This version focuses entirely on incompressible airflow and pressure, and is a great introduction for people learning about mine ventilation and simulation.

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