Ventsim™ training courses are an economical way to quickly gain expert skills in ventilation design using Ventsim™ software.
Ventsim Newsletter - May 2016
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Ventsim Training Dates

TrainingVentsim™ training courses are an economical way to quickly gain expert skills in ventilation design using Ventsim™ software.

Our training courses teach users how to quickly and efficiently build ventilation models, and how to model and design a wide range of ventilation systems and situations.

Course Location Date
3-day Ventsim Training Course Denver, USA Jun 8-10, 2016
3-day Ventsim Training Course Windsor, UK Jul 11-13, 2016
2-day Ventsim Training Course Perth, AUSTRALIA Sep 13-14, 2016

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New and existing users are welcome. We will cover the basics, but also delve into some interesting and advanced aspects of ventilation design, health and safety with a slew of new and improved Ventsim™ tools.

Book soon to guarantee your place and learn how Ventsim™ can quickly and easily help you model, design and improve your ventilation systems.

Ventsim in Research

Ventsim continues to gain in popularity as a research tool and is now in use for education in over 60 universities worldwide and dozens of research organisations. We regularly assist and provide input at no cost for research projects and organisations, and are always looking at ways to modify Ventsim™ to increase its usefulness as a research and education tool.

Ventsim™ LITE continues to be offered to student and educational institutions at no cost, while the more powerful commercial versions of Ventsim™ are offered at heavily discounted costs to universities and not-for-profit government/research organisations.

Static Scripting

A recent inclusion in Ventsim™ is a feature called Static Scripting. This allows a model to be changed with a script of modifications in potentially thousands of different ways.

By linking to the script, or to external data files, these modifications can be run from within Ventsim™, or via a command line interface to output multiple results for each modification. Researchers are planning to use this tool to assist with scheduling and optimisation of mine plans and designs.

Tutorial: Reference Graphics Layers and Stages

Ventsim™ 4.1 introduced layering of reference graphics (imported CAD file graphics). Previously, reference graphics have only been static overlays onto Ventsim™ models that can be turned on and off. The new feature allows reference graphics objects to be assigned to primary or secondary Ventsim™ layers and stages so that all or part of the graphic can be hidden depending on the type of view chosen.

Reference Graphic Staging
Images show both the Ventsim™ airway model and reference stope graphics progressing into various future stages.

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Coming Soon: Pumpsim™ Advanced!

Dynamic SimulationIt's been full steam ahead with development of Pumpsim™, and we're pleased to announce that we are close to releasing Pumpsim™ Advanced! Pumpsim™ Advanced builds on the existing version of Pumpsim™ with many exciting new features.

A key feature of Pumpsim™ Advanced is the ability to run Dynamic Simulations - this feature allows you to model a pump and pipe network over time, predicting pump cycle times and water levels. This allows you to ‘stress test’ your model under a wide variety of conditions (for example flooding event, full production, water interruption) to ensure optimal performance, and we are excited to be able to bring it into Pumpsim™.

Keep an eye out in our newsletters and at for the latest news and developments regarding Pumpsim™ Advanced!

Is Your Maintenance


Ventsim™ Maintenance ensures you have immediate access to all the latest versions and features of Ventsim™ software.

Upgrade to Ventsim™ 4.1 is FREE for Ventsim™ license holders with up-to-date maintenance.

If your maintenance has expired, please consider obtaining a quotation for updated maintenance.


NEW: CSafe™ Multisite Synchronisation Module

CSafe Multisite Synchronisation

The CSafe™ Multisite Synchronisation module allows your organisation to synchronise CSafe™ data to and from a central CSafe™ server even over slow or unreliable internet connections.

The feature allows offsite locations to continue using CSafe™ with high speed local network access, even if temporarily disconnected from the internet, while still ensuring head office or a centralized locations can still collect and report on all synchronized data.

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