Ventsim™ 4.5 is a major release and includes many new features and improvements to help you build better models, create more accurate simulations and save time and money.
Ventsim Newsletter - October 2016
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NEW: Ventsim 4.5 Now Available

Ventsim 4Ventsim™ 4.5 is the latest version of the best-selling Ventsim™ Mine Ventilation Simulation Software.

Ventsim™ 4.5 is a major release and includes many new features and improvements to help you build better models, create more accurate simulations and save time and money.

New features of Ventsim™ 4.5 include:

  • Over 100 improvements in features, stability, user interface and performance
  • Multiple Backups - automatically create and access multiple backups of your Ventsim™ models
  • "Stages" Improvements - improvements to usability, performance and stability
  • Ventilation Audit Form - ensure that your model meets engineering/ventilation requirements and standards.
  • Thermal "Flywheel" Simulation - simulate temperature variations between day and night
  • Full Diesel Emission Modelling - model and estimate a full range of diesel emissions including CO, CO2, NO2, NOx, diesel gases and DPM
  • Path Selection Tool - automatically select paths through your model based on shortest distance, path of least resistance (airflow) or free splits (minimum pressure loss) between two points in model.
  • Improved Graphical Scaling and Reference Management tools.

Ventsim™ 4.5 is available now!

*** FREE upgrade for current maintenance holders ***

Purchase the software online or request a quote at

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Ventsim Training Dates

TrainingVentsim™ training courses are an economical way to quickly gain expert skills in ventilation design using Ventsim™ software.

Our training courses teach users how to quickly and efficiently build ventilation models, and how to model and design a wide range of ventilation systems and situations.

Course Location Date
2-day Ventsim Training Course Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Nov 8-9, 2016
2-day Ventsim Training Course Denver, USA Feb 23-24, 2017
3-day Ventsim Training Course Sudbury, CANADA Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2017
2-day Ventsim Training Course Perth, AUSTRALIA May 2-3, 2017
3-day Ventsim Training Course Slough, UK Jul 3-5, 2017

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New and existing users are welcome. We will cover the basics, but also delve into some interesting and advanced aspects of ventilation design, health and safety with a slew of new and improved Ventsim™ tools.

Book soon to guarantee your place and learn how Ventsim™ can quickly and easily help you model, design and improve your ventilation systems.

NEW: Pumpsim™ Advanced

Dynamic SimulationIt's been full steam ahead with development of Pumpsim™, and we're pleased to announce that Pumpsim™ Advanced is now available! Pumpsim™ Advanced builds on the existing version of Pumpsim™ with many exciting new features.

A key feature of Pumpsim™ Advanced is the ability to run Dynamic Simulations - this feature allows you to model a pump and pipe network over time, predicting pump cycle times and water levels. This allows you to ‘stress test’ your model under a wide variety of conditions (for example flooding event, full production, water interruption) to ensure optimal performance, and we are excited to be able to bring it into Pumpsim™.

Visit to purchase your copy of Pumpsim™ Advanced today!

Tutorial: Fan Simulation

Ventsim™ has a range of powerful facilities to simulate and estimate fan performance in a ventilation model. The software uses a database of fan curves and settings to estimate the performance of fans in in any application underground.

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Is Your Maintenance


Ventsim™ Maintenance ensures you have immediate access to all the latest versions and features of Ventsim™ software.

Upgrade to Ventsim™ 4.5 is FREE for Ventsim™ license holders with up-to-date maintenance.

If your maintenance has expired, please consider obtaining a quotation for updated maintenance.


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Chasm Consulting will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming conferences in 2017:

  • North American Mine Ventilation Symposium (June 2017 - Golden, CO, USA)
  • Australian Mine Ventilation Conference (August 2017 - Brisbane, Australia)

Come visit us for live demonstrations and to ask any questions you may have of our software products Ventsim™, Pumpsim™ and CSafe™.


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