Ventsim™ 4.8 is the latest most powerful version of Ventsim and includes many new features and improvements to help you build better models, create more accurate simulations and save time and money.
Ventsim Newsletter - October 2016
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NEW: Ventsim 4.8 Released!

Ventsim™ 4.8 is the latest and most powerful release the best-selling Ventsim™ Mine Ventilation Simulation Software. 

Ventsim™ 4.8 is a major release and includes many new features and improvements to help you build better models, create more accurate simulations and save time and money.

New features of Ventsim™ 4.8 include:

  • Over 50 improvements in features, stability, user interface and performance
  • Revised Fire and Dynamic Engine -  faster, more stable and including new features such as fire growth curves, delayed blasting and contaminant release and inclusion of dust in VentFIRE scripts
  • "Stages" continue to improve - significant performance fixes and integration into seasonal simulation settings
  • New License Server options - businesses can use their own server for improved speed and automated license checkout
  • Gas and Contaminant Diffusion - this important feature is now available to ensure gases and contaminant are spread by both advection (airflow) and diffusion.
  • New Toolbar options - toolbars can be moved and positioned anywhere around screen
  • Graphical scaling tool - easier scaling of screen graphics items
  • A wealth of other user, speed and graphics improvements

Ventsim™ 4.8 - the best yet!

*** FREE upgrade for current maintenance holders ***

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Ventsim Training Dates

Ventsim™ training courses are an economical way to quickly gain expert skills in ventilation design using Ventsim™  software.

Our training courses teach users how to quickly and efficiently build ventilation models, and how to model and design a wide range of
ventilation systems and situations. But we also take time explain many ventilation concepts and how mines can improve safety and productivity through better ventilation.  

Book a course today and reap the benefits of knowing the best ways to use this powerful software.

Course Location Date
2-day Ventsim Training Course Brisbane, AUSTRALIA March 28-29, 2017
2-day Ventsim Training Course Perth, AUSTRALIA May 10-11, 2017
3-day Ventsim Training Course Slough, UK July 10-12- 2017
2-day Ventsim Training Course Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA July 31 - Aug 2, 2017
2.5 day Ventsim Training Course Sudbury, CANADA October 2017  TBA

Book Now

New and existing users are welcome. We will cover the basics, but also delve into some interesting and advanced aspects of ventilation design, health and safety with a slew of new and improved Ventsim™ tools.

Book soon to guarantee your place and learn how Ventsim™ can quickly and easily help you model, design and improve your ventilation systems.

NEW: Pumpsim Gets Supercharged with Compressed Air options

Have you checked out our Pumpsim software yet?  

We've been quietly developing this powerful software tool, taking the best parts of the Ventsim™ interface and building a world leading product for mines and industry.  In fact, Pumpsim™ is getting so good, we may start using parts of it for Ventsim™!  And because it has a similar interface to Ventsim™, existing Ventsim™ users should adapt easily.  Recent Pumpsim™ clients include Newmont, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and FMI who are successfully using the software to help design and maintain some of the worlds most sophisticated mine pumping systems.

Pumpsim 2.2 introduces compressed air and leaky pipes.

Compressors are one of the most expensive forms of power on a mine site, but in many cases compressed air is essential for running small pumps and machines.  Pumpsim™ can now create complete mine models of compressed air systems in high detail.  Models can include compressor performance and cycling, receivers, compressed air machine delivery, pipe leakage and a host of other costs and factors. System optimization, improving efficiency and reducing leakage and waste is only a click away!


Dynamic SimulationIn addition, Pumpsim continues to improve liquid modelling, including slurrys, mud and paste fill pipe and pump performance. Dynamic simulation and scripting options allows models to be tested just like real life, revealing any system shortfalls or delivery flaws at different times during the day or during extreme events such as flooding.  Reliable water delivery and dewatering pumping is a major source of downtime and cost for nearly all mines.  Pumpsim™  can help improve your system and reduce costs.

Visit to purchase your copy of Pumpsim™  Standard, Advanced in either liquid or compressed air versions, or get our PREMIUM version which includes both.

*Pumpsim™ is offered for FREE to Universities with existing educational Ventsim™ licenses.

Tutorial: Auxiliary Fans and Duct

Ventsim™ has a number of powerful tools to model the performance of ventilation fans and auxiliary duct.  These tools are always being improved and it's worth revisiting how to get the best from this feature.

Read more

Ventsim 5 PlansSo, what's the plan for Ventsim 5?   

New features are in constant development at Chasm Consulting, and we release many of these during 'in-cycle' release versions to ensure users get quick access to new features.

We are planning some major changes and improvements for Version 5.  In particular, we are looking at way to reduce memory usage and increase speed.  The existing speed and ease of use in Ventsim™ 4 has encouraged many users to increase their model complexity.  

We are now seeing models which regularly exceed 50,000 branches, an unthinkable number a decade ago.  Which is most cases is great if done for the right reasons, but it slows down simulation.  New algorithms and parallel processing is being considered for Ventsim™ 5 to keep up with user demand.  And of course we are looking at including many new features. Stay tuned!
New Staff Join Chasm Consulting Chasm Consulting have recently expanded their software team to focus on developing great new software and improve existing products:

We welcome John Armstrong and Jamie Corrigan.

John is our Software Development Manager - John has extensive experience in mining software and Jamie is a graduate Software Engineer who has a flare for graphics and new technology.  

You'll no doubt be seeing the influence of these talented individuals in our coming products.

Ventsim In Research Chasm Consulting are a keen contributor to research and Universities.  We frequently provide free or discounted licensing for research projects and students.  And we regularly contribute research papers and new ideas at conferences around the world to share information and ideas we have discovered or worked on.

Chasm Consulting currently collaborates with over 60 universities around the world.  Apart from being a popular student teaching tool, Ventsim software is used in many educational, research and government organisations for research.  Some current activities are with MIRARCO at Laurentian University in Canada to research and help analyse, develop and optimize schedules with ventilation constraints through their SOT tool.  
And the University of Reno (UNR) is utilizing Ventsim to help visualize and model thermal simulations in refuge alternatives through it's Multiflux tool.

If you have project or research that Chasm Consulting may assist with, feel free to call or drop us an email at any time.
New Licensing Options Chasm Consulting now offers a wide variety of Ventsim™ and Pumpsim™ licensing systems, designed to make our software flexible and easy to use.

As always, unlicensed installations of Ventsim or Pumpsim can be freely used as a VIEWER for any model.  Simply download and install the software, or run the software without a license.  Chasm Consulting now offers the following licensing options.

Floating Internet Licenses: (our default option allowing non-concurrent multiple users on different machines)

Internet Server Licenses:  This license type automatically activates and releases when Ventsim is stopped or started.  Multiple licenses can be pooled together.  It does require continuous internet, but can be 'borrowed' for up to 1 week away from the internet. 

Local Server Licenses:  Like an Internet Server License, except you host Chasm Server Software on one of your network computers, for instant and automatic license access without the need to access the internet.  Our local server system can now host multiple different types of licenses simultaneously.

USB license: this type of license is rapidly going out of favour due to lost or stolen USB keys, but is available if you need it.

Is Your Maintenance


Ventsim™ Maintenance ensures you have immediate access to all the latest versions and features of Ventsim™ software.  Users can update to any new version at any time at no additional cost.

Maintenance helps support Chasm Consulting in improving the software, adding more features and ensuring prompt and efficient technical support.  Users with current maintenance also have additional advantages, such as automated release of locked or in use licenses

Upgrade to Ventsim™ 4.8 is FREE for Ventsim™ license holders with up-to-date maintenance.

If your maintenance has expired, please consider obtaining a quotation for updated maintenance.


Visit us at the 2017 Mine Conferences

2017 is a big year for Conferences, and Chasm Consulting will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming events:

Come visit us for live demonstrations and to ask any questions you may have of our software products Ventsim™, Pumpsim™ and CSafe™.


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