Patch Release Notes 5.2

These are the customer-reported issues addressed:

    Issues Fixed in

  • Fix inherit 3D graphics not working, refresh saved views after inheriting
  • Add Parallel airways option to new property grid
  • Fix out of memory exception with very large co-ordinates creating huge grid
  • Fix issue with Spanish language and saving airway shapes
  • Fix airway name not showing correctly in spreadsheet tool
  • Add ? button to easily access recommend airway size tool
  • Issues Fixed in

  • Correction for threading compilation error
  • Issues Fixed in

  • Fixes for edit form simulated data unit conversion
  • Issues Fixed in

  • Fixes for unit conversion
  • Issues Fixed in

  • Improvements to dynamic gas calculations
  • Issues Fixed in

  • Continue Dynamic simulation prompt correctly respond to user
  • Added two more rows in unit setting to fix in missing unit options