Annual Maintenance

Sub Level Cave DesignAnnual maintenance fees contribute to the development and improvement of Ventsim™, and provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Software updates, improvements and new features
  • Immediate and ongoing access to new versions of the software
  • Full technical and license support

You can check if your maintenance is up to date using the HELP > ABOUT menu in Ventsim™.

If your maintenance has expired, please consider obtaining a quotation for updated maintenance. The maintenance for expired customers will include an upgrade cost to cover past improvements and upgrades to the very latest version, and also a component for future upgrades and support to a date of your choosing.

Purchase Maintenance Online

Ventsim™ Standard
12 Months Maintenance
$499 Buy Now
Ventsim™ Advanced
12 Months Maintenance
$799 Buy Now
Ventsim™ Premium
12 Months Maintenance
$1,299 Buy Now

* All prices in USD (United States Dollars)
** Extended maintenance is applied from the previous expiry date regardless of when it is purchased.

Maintenance Extension Policy

Maintenance for Ventsim™ licenses is applied from the previous expiry date. Where lapsed maintenance is renewed, the portion of maintenance to the current date becomes an “upgrade” cost (which helps us cover the cost of implementing and licensing all the new features which have been implemented since expiry), and further amounts after this date are for future updates and support. For an extended lapse in maintenance renewal, maintenance upgrade charges are limited to a maximum of 50% of a license cost. While maintenance is entirely voluntary, this effectively means that unless the maintenance lapses for 2.5 years or more, there is no benefit in not renewing maintenance when it becomes due.

This arrangement is consistent with nearly all mining software licenses, due to the small market size and high development costs. Other types of software with larger markets often withhold features and release major new versions every couple of years, however it is common to charge 50% or more to upgrade to these new versions.

We believe a maintenance scheme which allows users to immediately access new features and versions is a more equitable system, however because our maintenance system is also capped at 50% this provides an alternative infrequent upgrade scheme to those who did not wish to pay maintenance every year.

Ventsim™ License Upgrade Policy

Ventsim™ license upgrades can only be applied to licenses with current versions and maintenance subscriptions. If a maintenance subscription has lapsed, this must be made current before a license upgrade can be applied.

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade from Ventsim™ Standard to Ventsim™ Advanced: $2000
Upgrade from Ventsim™ Standard to Ventsim™ Premium: $4500
Upgrade from Ventsim™ Advanced to Ventsim™ Premium: $2500

License Upgrade Example with Lapsed Maintenence

Current Date: January 8, 2014
Maintenance Expiry Date: July 8, 2012

The user wants to upgrade from Ventsim™ Advanced to Ventsim™ Premium. The cost for this would be calculated by the following method:

Upgrade cost from Ventsim™ Advanced to Ventsim™ Premium: $2500
Retroactive cost of maintenance for Ventsim™ Advanced (18 months): $1498.50
Total upgrade cost: $3998.50