Product Partners

Sub Level Cave DesignChasm Consulting collaborates with businesses around the world to integrate Ventsim™ software with many different mining products and services.

Accutron Instruments Inc.


Accutron Instruments Inc. is a leading manufacturer of underground mine ventilation monitoring technology, based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Accutron supplies worldwide industrial markets with products and services for ventilation monitoring, process automation and optimization of mine ventilation systems to improve process efficiency and energy conservation.

E: [email protected]

11 Mary Street, Suite B
Sudbury, ON, Canada P3C1B4

T: +1 705-682-0814
F: +1 705-682-2215

Pinssar™ – Air Monitoring Technology


Pinssar was established in 2014 to address the needs of the workforce working in underground mines and their exposure to diesel engine emissions. A range of products and services have been developed to address these needs.

E: [email protected]

Corporate House, 2404 Logan Road
Eight Mile Plains, Queensland 4113

T: +61 7 3118 1733
F: +61 7 3340 5119

Deswik Mining Consultants


Deswik is a global consulting and technology company that delivers efficiency focused solutions to the mining industry across all sectors – Open Cut Coal, Underground Coal, Open Pit Metals and Underground Metals.

E: [email protected]

Ground Level, 428 Upper Edward St
Spring Hill, Queensland 4000

T: +61 7 3292 2700
F: +61 7 3831 3312