Andrew Derrington, Director, Ozvent Consulting
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OZVENT Consulting

I’ve been using Ventsim for design and trouble-shooting consulting work since 1995. It has integrated a wide range of airflow, heat, fire and radiation modelling functions that previously required separate programs and calculations. However by far the most important features are its clear 3D graphics and ability to quickly set up a model by importing mine design files.

Shane Ambrosio, Director, VOHE Solutions
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VOHE Solutions

If you are looking for an accurate and cost-effective ventilation simulation package that offers a superb user-friendly, intuitive environment with excellent 3D graphics, you need look no further than Ventsim. It is my simulation package of choice!

John Rowland, Director, Dallas Mining Services
[email protected]

Dallas Mining Services

I have been using Ventsim specifically for my work since the late 1990’s and I quite simply would not be able to do my work without this amazing software.

Craig Stewart, the software owner, is continually refining the product which keeps it well ahead of the competition. For the work that I put the software to I don’t believe that there is any credible competition in the marketplace.

Aside from the obvious ease of use of Ventsim Visual along with its amazing aesthetics and capabilities the user can be confident that the after sales service that Craig provides to anyone who utilises his software is second to none. Nothing is ever too much trouble and Craig will do his best to ensure his customers are always satisfied, no matter where he might be on the planet at any particular time.

He’s a bloody good bloke who has built an incredible piece of software that he stands right behind. I couldn’t recommend his company or his products highly enough.