VentLog™ is a new standalone software package designed to record and store an unlimited amount of surveyed underground ventilation data.

VentLog™ data can be utilised by Ventsim™ to allow recorded results to be instantly displayed and compared with modelled results within a 3D Ventsim™ model.

VentLog™VentLog™ is primarily designed to replace old Excel spreadsheets or other inefficient methods commonly used to record underground ventilation surveys.

VentLog™ accepts a wide variety of ventilation data such as air flows and velocities, temperatures, pressures, PQ surveys and gases. The data is stored in an industry standard database format file (which can be integrated or analysed by other systems). Ventilation data can be instantly recalled for any underground location at any time or date.

Ventilation survey forms an important part of a ventilation management plan, and is usually a legal requirement for every mine. We believe this data is too valuable to simply record on commonly used ad-hoc spreadsheets or databases.

Features of VentLog™:

  • Easy to use interface and wizards to quickly set up ventilation record systems for mines.
  • Underground survey locations can be established, including actual photos of underground sites.
  • Graphing features to allow multiple ventilation conditions to be trended over time at different locations.
  • Ventilation data and airflow direction can be exported to a DXF file, allowing easy importing into mining plans to assist with statutory plans.
  • All versions of Ventsim™ 2.5+ provide a free interface to allow VentLog™ data to be displayed within mine ventilation models.

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