VentSim™ Lite

VentSim LiteVentSim™ Lite is a feature-limited version of VentSim™, designed for educational and basic use. The unlicensed version is free for educational use.  For commercial use, a Lite version (with increased capacity) is available at low cost. Contact us for further details.

Features include:

  • Hardware Acceleration – fast, smooth 3D display of any complexity on most modern computers
  • Animated airflows and fans – airflows move in real time through network
  • Model pressures – simulates mine and fans pressures.
  • Metric/Imperial units – can be mixed if required.
  • DXF Import – import centrelines and solids from CAD packages for rapid building of VentSim networks
  • Up to 500 airways for free student version,  5,000 network airways for commercial version

Download VentSim™ Lite (EXE, 49.5 MB)

For more information on the professional versions of our software (VentSim™ StandardVentSim™ Advanced & VentSim™ Premium), please click here.