Sensor Monitoring with VentSim LiveView™

Real time sensor monitoring is an exciting new addition to VentSim™ LiveView to compliment your existing mine ventilation information systems.

The LiveView™ module (included in VentSim™ Premium and optional in other versions), allows you to link your 3D Ventsim™ model to a live stream of sensor data, displaying all types of important ventilation information including airflows, gases and temperatures, as well as the status of fans, doors and other ventilation controls. Alarms can also be set when critical sensor information gets above or below allowable levels.

Sensor Monitoring with LiveView

Dynamic Monitoring

Ventsim™ 4 includes a new feature in LiveView™ called Dynamic Monitoring. Dynamic monitoring continuously imports and displays ventilation data within your model, and then uses the data to predicted conditions through all other parts of the mine in real time.

With a minimal number of sensors, VentSim™ can help show and visualise changing conditions through every part of your mine, even areas without sensors. VentSim™ Dynamic Monitoring is an ideal addition for control rooms, and engineers requiring live information to observe or troubleshoot ventilation conditions through the mine.

Howden Simsmart can assist in providing information and advice for hardware sensor installations and VentSim™ software integration into new or existing underground sensor systems. Contact Chasm Consulting at (+61) 7 3844 5097 or email us at [email protected] for further information.