VentSim VentFIRE™

VentfireVentFIRE is a script building and simulation tool for modelling many types of operational and emergency scenarios. The greatest potential for loss of life in an underground mine is a fire or explosion. In an underground environment, a fire can rapidly build up a poisonous atmosphere that can quickly engulf underground personnel. Smoke can also obscure exit routes making escape and navigation more difficult.

If a fire occurs, it is critical that the potential effects and spread of heat, smoke and gas is understood, and that emergency procedures are in place to ensure the safety of underground personnel.

VentFIREVentFIRE™ is an add-on module for VentSim™, designed to model the impact of a mine fire on the underground ventilation system. VentFIRE™ models the heat, gases and smoke from a potential fire, and predicts the atmospheric conditions in all parts of the mine at any time during the event, including any unexpected changes that may occur such as airflow reversals or airflow choking. VentFIRE™ also allows mines to test mitigation ideas to limit the fire impact such as opening or closing doors, or stopping and starting fans.

VentFIRE™ is available as an upgrade module to existing VentSim™ license holders, or as part of the VentSim™ Premium software package.

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