Tutorial : Optimizing Ventsim™ Display Speed

Ventsim™ uses the latest 3D technology to deliver unparalleled speed and animation to ventilation models.

image017Ensuring you have suitable graphics hardware in your computer can make using Ventsim™ a much more enjoyable experience. Older computers with limited graphics cards or extremely large models can slow down display of graphics. Some hints to improve speed are:

In the Tools > Settings > Graphics

  • Turn on ‘Hide Text While Rotating’
  • Turn off ‘Antialiasing’
  • Turn on ‘Back Face Culling’
  • Use Fast Text Rendering if you don’t need international characters.

Other speed up methods include:

  • Turn off Text Display if not required (“T” key)
  • Turn off airflow animation if not required
  • Turn off node display (“N” key)
  • Use Wireframe Display (“W” key) if solid graphics are not required.

To improve display quality (sometimes at the expense of speed):

  • Turn on ‘Antialiasing’ if your graphics card supports it.
  • If ‘stripey’ or uneven patterns appear when you zoom out, turn on ‘Back Face Culling’
  • Try using a different coloured background for better contrast.

What Graphics Hardware do you have?

image020Much of Ventsim™ speed and performance comes down to the quality of computer hardware being used. You can check your hardware from the Help > System Info menu. Modern Graphics systems can be broadly grouped into two categories.

  1. Dedicated (Discrete) graphics cards produces by NVIDIA or ATI deliver by far the best performance. Even low cost versions of these graphics system (as little as $50) can make Ventsim™ graphics many times faster. High end Nvidia Quadro cards specified for workstation desktop and laptop computers work fine, however are not really required and will deliver little improvement over most lower cost graphics solutions.
  2. Intel Integrated graphics are embedded on the motherboard and deliver much slower performance. Older models such as the 45 series which are common on computers several years old (sometime specified as 4500 series) will generally deliver poor performance. Newer chipsets from Intel (such as Core i3, i5, i7 series processors) will deliver improved performance. The latest iteration of Intel Core Processors (labeled ‘Sandy Bridge’) deliver much improved performance again, equaling a low end Nvidia or ATI solution.

If you are purchasing a new computer, it is recommended that a dedicated graphics card from NVidia or ATI be specified, or one of the new generation Core i3, i5 or i7 processor computers. These computers graphics system will run the graphics in Ventsim™ from 500%—1000% faster than older INTEL graphics, making the program working environment much more pleasant.

These days there is very little cost premium to purchase a computer with faster graphics.