Tutorial: Reference Graphics Layers and Stages

Ventsim™ 4.1 introduced layering of reference graphics (imported CAD file graphics). Previously, reference graphics have only been static overlays onto Ventsim™ models that can be turned on and off. The new feature allows reference graphics objects to be assigned to primary or secondary Ventsim™ layers so that all or part of the graphic can be hidden depending on the type of view chosen. This allows mine plans, future stope development, voids and other 3D structures to be displayed with the corresponding Ventsim™ airway layer plan.

In addition, references can also be assigned to STAGES, so that current or future development in the mine can be shown or hidden, depending on the stage assigned to it.

To use the new feature, select the SELECT button sub-option called > REFERENCES, and then simply click or fence around the area of reference graphics you want to change. The selection will highlight. Finally, click the EDIT button twice on the toolbar, and the REFERENCE EDIT will show, allowing changes to the layers, stages and colours of the selected graphics. The selected reference graphics elements can also be SPLIT from the existing reference graphics object to create a new object in the reference graphics list.

Reference Graphics Layers and Stages
Images show both the Ventsim airway model and reference stope graphics progressing into various future stages.