Tutorial : Setting Custom Icons in Ventsim™

Custom Icons are a great way to more clearly show ventilation infrastructure icons or equipment within your ventilation model.

Older versions of Ventsim™ had the ability to store pictures files on a local hard drive directory (using the File > Icons menu option), and automatically map the picture to any icons in Ventsim™ with the same name as the picture. Unfortunately, this had some limitations: the picture had to be exactly the same name as the icon name, and the Ventsim™ file did not store the picture such that when the network file was loaded on another computer, the icon pictures were no longer present.

The newer versions of Ventsim™ (> 2.4) makes the process much easier. Standard fans, resistances and heat preset items can be changed to any picture by simply dragging a picture file on to the icon. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Find a picture file on your hard drive in Windows Explorer.
  2. Drag and drop the picture file on to your Ventsim™ icon.
  3. All icons in Ventsim™ with the same fan or preset name will also be changed to the new picture
  4. The pictures are saved with the file, and can be sent to other computers without the need to copy the pictures with the file.

Using this option, pictures of actual ventilation fans, door, wall, regulators, and machines can be placed in your model. In addition, other non-ventilation items such as refuge bays, escape ways, workshops or even pictures of people can be placed in the models, by using a ‘dummy’ icon, such as a preset resistance name set to zero (‘0’) so it will not change the ventilation simulation.

* Note: custom icons may not work on older computers with Intel based graphics adapters, due to the limited graphics capabilities built into these cards. Any graphics hardware from NVidia, ATI, or newer Intel motherboard graphics will work fine.


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