Tutorial: Staging Airways

Ventsim™ Version 3+ introduces a great new feature called “STAGING”. Staging is a term representing the ability of Ventsim™ to create multiple versions of similar models in a single simulation file. Examples of this may include creating ventilation models representing different phases or timelines of the mine design, or alternatively it could be used for representing different options and variations for a ventilation design.

How to STAGE multiple extensions of a single ventilation model

In this example, the ‘Blue Sky’ model will be used to create four models representing different periods of time. The fully worked model is available in the FILE > DEMONSTRATION > METAL MINE menu of Ventsim™ 3.

The reversing implementation method will be used in this example. In other words, a final model representing the ultimate ventilation design will be used as a base, then progressively cut back to represent early stages of the ventilation design.

  1. Rename StageFirstly, create names for four (4) different stages. In this case, the names “Production”, “Pre-Production”, “Preliminary” and “Initial Development” can be entered by either selecting the STAGE list box and RIGHT CLICKING the box to change the first four list names, or by using the TOOLS > STAGING option to enter the names on a spreadsheet.

  2. Full Mine Model - initially set to appear in all four stages
    Full Mine Model – initially set to appear in all four stages
    The final ultimate ‘base’ model can initially be made to belong to ALL four (4) stages by selecting and then EDITING all airways, and selecting the first four stages in the EDIT box. This will make the full mine model appear when any of the four stages are selected from the stage list box.

    Up to 12 different stages can be developed in a single model. Each stage can ‘share’ common airways with other stages, or can have unique airways that are only valid for a particular stage or stages.

    Pre ProductionStaging is a great alternatively to creating multiple different Ventsim™ files that can quickly become out of date. Because staging shares common airways, then changes to shared airways on one stage will automatically occur on all other stages. In addition, every stage shares a common set of presets such as fans, resistances and friction factors.

  3. Stage 3
    Stage 3 – The second exhaust shaft to the right has been omitted.

    Now, switch to the 3rd stage (Pre-Production), and then select all airways which ONLY belong to the final stage (4). These airways DO NOT exist for stages 1, 2 and 3 and therefore must not be set to belong to these stages. Once the selected airways are deselected from stages 1, 2 and 3, press OK and they will automatically disappear from these stages.

  4. Stage 2
    Stage 2 – Ramp and initial shaft included

    Switch to the 2nd stage (Preliminary), and the SELECT all airways which only belong to Stage (3). Edit these airways, and deselect the stage option for Stages 1 and 2.


  5. Stage 1
    Stage 1 – Only the initial ramp showing, with vent ducts from surface.
    Finally, switch to Stage 1 and report step 5 for Stage 1 only. In the ‘Blue Sky’ example, only the main ramp exists, therefore after editing, this should be the only airways showing for the stage.
  6. To create a Ventilation Auxiliary duct system only for STAGE 1, select the ramp airways, use the ‘Duct Builder’ function (under the ‘add’ drawing button) and construct the duct and then add a fan to the duct. Select the duct, and EDIT the airway and ensure the duct only belongs to STAGE 1 (Development). The duct will only show and simulate on the STAGE 1 model.

More examples of staging are available in the Coal Mine demonstration model in Ventsim™.