Tutorial: Ventsim™ 4 Fan Curves

The tedious job of accurately entering fan curve data has been solved. Ventsim™ 4 introduces fan curve digitizing, where actual fan curve data sheets can be imported into Ventsim™ and quickly entered into the Ventsim™ fan database.

Ventsim 4 Fan Curves

Fan curve files (either PDF documents or scanned pictures) can be dropped into the Ventsim™ fan database form. Users can then convert and import a range of fan blade curves into Ventsim™ within minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Once the fan data sheet has been dropped into the fan digitiser, DEFINE REGION allows the user to highlight a box around the graph portion on the sheet. If multiple graphs are present on the sheet (for other curve data such as power), then regions can be separately defined for each graph.
  2. The minimum and maximum value for each graph region defined is then entered in the lower right corner.
  3. The ADD POINT function allows the mouse to be used to click along the fan curve lines, tracing the curves. Points are digitised and automatically entered into the fan database. Switch to different data types if other fan curve components such as power. (HINT: Maximising this form helps make the graph regions bigger on the screen)
  4. Additional fan curve variations (such as different blade angles) can be added by clicking the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the data grid spreadsheet. Rename each curve if required by right-clicking on the fan variation name.
  5. When finished, press OK, and all the fans will be available to now use in your Ventsim™ models.