September 30, 2017

Bug Fix: Fan curve editing no longer impacted by unit decimal settings

Bug Fix: Further graphical glitches and slow form response

September 25, 2017

Improvement Reduced computer CPU resources during Ventsim use.

Bug Fix: Scroll wheel occasionally loses focus on some computer systems

August 16, 2017

Bug Fix: Dynamic simulation travel time too fast for very long low flow airways

August 7, 2017

Bug Fix: Command line fixed

Bug Fix: Reversing resistance error fixed

Bug Fix: Vertical direction duct creation bug fixed

Improvement Parallel airway heat calculations improved

Improvement Airway selection click inconsistencies improved

Improvement Rotation and panning is biased more to side section views

August 7, 2017

Bug Fix: Inactive dust sources being added to dust simulation

Bug Fix: NO2 missing from diesel emissions simulation.

July 31, 2017

Improvement Check model and show warnings if presets are missing

Bug Fix: Path tool not always choosing optimum path

Bug Fix: Changing layer colours or names may cause error

Improvement Faster startup on some computers

Improvement Radon icons can be turned off

Bug Fix: Reference list not selecting the correct reference occasionally

Bug Fix: Stage lock not working for closed ends

Bug Fix: Fan efficiency not reported for some fans

New Feature Ventsim Calculator - Android / iPhone / iPad app.  Seach 'Ventsim' in the app / play stores

Bug Fix: Shortest path error fixed

Bug Fix: Impossibly low input wetbulb temperature caused unpredictable results

Improvement New heat calculator option for RH% added.  New IPAD / Iphone / android calculator app coming soon!

Improvement New Stage and New Ventfire events now prompt for new name when adding

Improvement Numerous other bug fixes and minor improvements

Bug Fix: Airways on other stages may be corrupted in the model is simplified

Bug Fix: Some printer types causing VECTOR PRINT to fail.

March 7 2017


New Feature Gas and Contaminant DIFFUSION modeling option in Dynamic and VentFIRE

New Feature Growth and Decay (customisable) curves for fires and activities in VentFIRE

New Feature New License Server options added for local network options.

New Feature Simulations can be cancelled midway through steady state simuations

New Feature Delayed blasting or contaminant release times available in Dynamic and VentFIRE

New Feature Contaminants and Blasting now included in VentFIRE script options

New Feature Ventlog connection option to SQL database

Improvement Revised FIRE and DYNAMIC simulation - greatly improved stability at low flows / high heat

Improvement Simplified Scaling control form

Improvement Thermal Flywheel simulation stablity improved with extra data comparison options

Bug Fix: Quick Settings wizards bugs fixed.

Bug Fix: Unit settings form opening space at top.

Bug Fix: Path analyzer tool occasionally not choosing paths

Bug Fix: HRR reporting unstable in low O2 firesim

Bug Fix: Approximately 20 other minor bugs fixed

December 22 2016

Bug Fix: Preset Form may show error if sensors are in model

December 19 2016

Bug Fix: Dynamic gas simulation may fail if using incompressible flows.

December 16 2016

Improvement Icon pictures associated with most menu items

Bug Fix: IMPORTANT (only affects models specifically using development advance / broken rock heat sources).  Heat may be overpredicted resulting in elevated temperatures.

December 12 2016

Improvement Updated Spanish (Español) manual

Bug Fix:  Minor bug fixes, Simulation Instability, Spanish language bug

November 29 2016

Improvement Minor bugs fixes and stability update.  Correct issue where excessive air velocity causes density issue and simulation instability.

Bug Fix:  Diesel Emission Simulation. Incorrect NOx density giving slightly elevated NOx contamination results.

November 4 2016

Improvement Thermal flywheel feature now fully independent from normal Heat Simulation.  Settings and results are saved with model

Bug Fix:  Airflow direction instability issue reported for some models fixed when using Auto Natural Ventilation Pressures

October 27 2016

Improvement Improvement to the reference manager functionality in the Display Manager bar.  Multiple select available using the SHIFTkey.  New context (right click) menu options.

Bug Fix:  Auto backups disabled

Bug Fix:  Unexpected 'break point' warning may show when editing new airways.

October 25 2016

Improvement Improvement to simulation speed and stability for some models with many surface exits or poorly performing fans

New Feature  New setting (simulation > airflow) to allow automatic fan exit losses for all internal / booster fans.

Improvement Check and error report for extreme fan velocity

Bug Fix:  Higher speed Ventfire simulation method not enabled on some older versions

Bug Fix:  Total relative pressure display may vary after consecutive simulations

October 20 2016

Bug Fix:  IMPORTANT Obscure HEAT simulation bug found - potential for temperatures to not propogate heat past single junctions with near zero flow.

Improvement Model Reset function improved to provide better recovery for unstable models.

October 13 2016

Improvement Graphics scaling functions moved to separate floating sizable window

Bug Fix:  Minor fixes to button lables and function

October 10 2016


New Feature  Diesel Emission Gas Modelling - customisable NOx , CO and NO2 integrated with existing DPM Modelling

New Feature  Customisable Audit Questionnaire Tool to assist with error checking

New Feature  Path find and graphing tools - select paths, find distances and graph changing ventilation conditions

New Feature  Multi File Backup and Archive Tools - more secure file recovery with options

New Feature  Diurnal (day / night) thermodynamic flywheel modelling

Improvement Greatly improved and more secure STAGING functions

Improvement Scalable ICONS and scaling controls included in Display Manager

Improvement Sizable TOOLBAR buttons (TOOLS menu)

Improvement Faster smoother graphics

Improvement Reference Manager now included in Display Manager

Improvement & Bug Fixes:  Over 100 minor improvements and corrections

Bug Fix:  Spanish Language may crash on loading

Improvement 3D Engine improved for faster speed on large models

Improvement More stable heat simulation at extreme temperature

Improvement Upper radon limit to prevent infite exposure error

Bug Fix:  File format incompatibility with older versions (a FILE ERROR was reported when loading a new Ventsim file into an older version) is fixed, and files saved are now backward compatible.

New Feature  Message Information system for news

Bug Fix:  Corrupted (crashes on start or editing) version found it's way on the web site. Please update.

Bug Fix:  Static Script error fixed

Improvement/Bug Fix: Further stability improvements with staging to prevent model corruption when switching between stages without locking / unlocking correctly.

Improvement 3D surface creator from contour line now 10X faster.

Bug Fix:  New installation may not show animation arrows

Bug Fix:  Bug in version may block airflow in one or two airways in some models

Bug Fix:  Fan curve in IMPERIAL setting on digitiser may not be drawn correctly in fan database

Bug Fix:  Polynomail fan curve not drawn correctly in IMPERIAL settings

New Feature  Experimental POLISH language option.

Improvement Network Server activation improved.

Bug Fix:  LiveVIEW multithread crash when dynamically simulating streaming data.

Bug Fix:  Some minor bug fixes

Bug Fix: IMPORTANT Please Update if using 4.1 or greater:  Steady State heat simulation may fail at junction where EXCLUDED airways intersect normal airways

Improvement Updated Ventsim 4.1 manual included in full update.

Improvement unique stage airways included in FIND function

Improvement fixed  flow  duty point set to icon inlet in EDIT form

Bug Fix:  Switching to another stage immediately after creating new shared airways may corrupt them

Bug Fix:  Error shown when entering new LIVEVIEW sensor in airway

New Feature  Fuse option to ensure model airways  connected (tools menu)

New Feature  Tool to convert reference contour lines into 3D wireframe reference surface

New Feature  (beta test update) Script file can be used to load and save multiple options in Ventsim simulations (LIVEVIEW)

Bug Fix:  Recent issue where some unconnected ends may not show as no exit/entry warnings.

Bug Fix:  Obscure bug where dynamic simulation spread stops at airway near BLOCKED airways

Improvement 300% faster simulation for VentFIRE and Dynamic Simulation with revised optional 'quick' method. [PREMIUM / Ventfire versions].  Also now includes preconfigured quick settings for VentFIRE [PREMIUM/ Ventfire versions]

Bug Fix:  Some models with blind headings may crash


New Feature  Deswik.CAD compatibility support built in. 

Latest version of Deswik.CAD can now export a fully scheduled mine plan into a Ventsim file, complete with Ventsim airways with the correct size and shape.

Addition wirefram graphics such as stope or orebody can be included as references.

Deswik.CAD automatically assigns layers and different STAGES to show the mine development over time.  A real time saver for Deswik / Ventsim users!



New Feature  Reference object graphics can now be assigned to Ventsim Primary and Secondary layers, and Stages.  Use the SELECT > REFERENCE button to fence or click reference graphics, then press the EDIT button [All Versions]


Improvement  Improvements to airflow simulation algorithm for difficult to balance models.


New 2016 training schedules for Ventsim (including version 4.1) available at http://www.ventsim.com/training-support/training/



New Feature LIVEVIEW static script option (BETA) - feed multiple airway change scripts and output static simulated results for each case.

New Feature Save and load Ventsim files as EXCEL spreadsheet.

Improvement  Camera snapshot button included on most forms now

Improvement  Support for EXCEL file in LIVEVIEW in 64 Bit version.

Bug Fix:  New Video Recorder engine implement with bug fix to international language Windows

Bug Fix:  Move Icon could cause fatal crash

Bug Fix:  Fixed up memory management bug that could cause crash

Improvement  / Bug Fix:  Common airway dead ends on different stages do not currently report entry / exit warnings.  This is intentional, but could lead to incorrect model connection assumptions from the user.  This feature is now TURNED OFF.  Some existing models with STAGES, MAY NOW show warnings, but will still simulate correctly.  Use the CLOSE END feature in the EDIT box to remove warnings if they appear, OR use a GLOBAL setting in the VENTSIM SETTINGS > SIMULATION (COMMON STAGE NODES) to ignore this new behaviour.

Bug Fix:  Summary on selected airways doesn't calculate the selected resistance.

Bug Fix:  Summary graph for COST was showing power kW, not cost $ per year.

New Feature STAGE MERGE feature (right click the stage selection list) will now merge identical airways with other staged airways.

Improvement  STAGE LOCK buffer removed from memory.  Large models can now be locked and unlocked without exceeding memory limits

Improvement  Undo Buffer removed from memory.  Undo is now effectively unlimited, and Ventsim uses nearly 50% less computer memory.

Bug Fix:  FAN digitiser data entries may get lost or mixed up for some fans.

Bug Fix:  Videos and screenshots distorted in Windows 8 / 10 with increase text size / dpi above 100%

Bug Fix:  HEAT simulation error may show in long vertical airways.

New Feature (beta) Customizable flow exponential to allow defined laminar and transitional flow zones.  Defined as part of the AIR TYPE preset definitions table.  Turbulent (default) = 2, Laminar = 1

Improvement  Moveable text box locations now scales consistently with camera distance to prevent wide separation at distance.

Improvement  Prevent 'graphical jitter' from graphics card when coordinate system may greatly differ on each stage.

Bug Fix:  Large air density changes mid airway no longer affected by heat simulation (minor issue - no change expected to simulation results)

Bug Fix: Broken rock heat not included in report summary total.

New Feature LiveVIEW now has audible alarm option - can be turned off in the continuous monitoring control panel.

New Feature LiveVIEW Custom sensor types can be created in the ventsim file for showing any type of data - even non ventilation related data.

Improvement  LiveVIEW sensor search and filter option for easier selection of sensors to place in an airway.

Improvement  Automatic efficiency calculation if efficiency curve is unavailable.

Improvement  ICON minimum size option restored.  Use the SIZE setting in the GRAPHICS settings to establish minimum icon sizes.

Bug Fix: Some licenses reporting NOT AUTHORISED to use.

Improvement  Fan FTP as well as Collar TP reported when simulating FIX flows and pressure on surface airways.

Bug Fix: USB licenses may not work

Bug Fix: Vent duct not adopting custom types friction factors when first constructed

New Feature Fixed power feature to simulate an equivalent fan duty point and performance.

New Feature Path of least resistance selector to select a path between one or two selected airways (TOOLS > UTILIITIES)

New Feature Reset icon positions to centre (TOOLS > UTILIITIES > AIRWAYS)

Improvement  Revised graphics engine to allow rendering of mini or lab scale ventilation models.

Improvement  New graphics setting to allow text to be rendered further in front of graphics for clarity.

Bug Fix: Problems loading some versions of models.

Bug Fix: Minor fixes.

Bug Fix: Minor file format graphics settings corrupted when reloading - file compatibility with V3 fixed.

Bug Fix: Fan Static Pressure curve line not showing in fan database for scanned PDF fan sheets

Bug Fix: Airways with artificially very small dimensions AND user entered low resistances creating huge velocities which creates issues in pressure calculations.  Velocity pressure limits introduced into settings to prevent this.

Bug Fix: Minor fixes.

Improvement  Customisable atmospheric moist lapse rate (surface temperature change by elevation) available in environmental settings.  Note that the standard setting may differ slightly than previous versions (which used a less realistic dry lapse rate).  Models with large variations in surface intake elevations with surface temp adjust on, may notice a small change in underground simulated temperature.

Bug Fix: Linear Gas Simulation densities and model flow input may not be correctly simulated on some occasion.

Improvement  Polynomial fan curve estimation now an option

Improvement  Surface air pressure can now be optionally defined by height above sea level in Environment Settings.

Bug Fix: Logarithmic fan digitising not aligning with image.

Improvement  SPANISH <Español> version issued.  FULL UPDATE required.  Choose Spanish during installation or switch later to SPANISH from the SETTINGS > SYSTEM menu

Improvement  Text obscured by graphics can now be adjusted in settings to improve visibility

Bug Fix: Numerous bugs fixes,  multi dxf layer split import, moving and renaming stage names, moving reference text as well as graphics by layer, duct build / modify flagging, screen units not immediately changing after new selection

Bug Fix: Import option for DXF may fail.

Bug Fix: Datamine (DM) file import corrupting airways

Bug Fix: Length Unit value reverts from Imperial to Metric setting.

Bug Fix: WARNING : Custom (non-preset) friction factors reverting to default friction factors when saving. Please update if you intend to use custom friction factors.


Improvement  Logarithmic fan curves, and non-zero axis now supported in fan digitizer.

Bug Fix: New UNIT manager reports an error when adding or modifying new units

Bug Fix: Surpac STR files not importing properly.  DXF/DWG data layers occasionally getting mixed up.

Bug Fix: Imperial Unit Limits not set correctly in FAN DIGITIZER

Bug Fix: Beta limiter removed.

Bug Fix: Steady state gas simulation loses accuracy when mixtures are different densities

Bug Fix: Fan curve point estimation function to build missing power curves not filling in quantities

VERSION 4 RELEASED: ENGLISH ONLY (Sólo inglés. Español pronto). 

Current Maintenance holders are welcome to upgrade.