Nov 13, 2018

Bug Fix: Fix bug saving & loading reference text to correct layer
Bug Fix: Fire Simulation fix - very long (or long fixed length) airways may give inaccurate gas information
Bug Fix: Creating a new resistance from the edit box and then selecting it crashes sometimes
Bug Fix: References will now obey level setttings

Improvement: Improved fire simulation stability and more consistent results in very low/no flow airways around fire.
Oct 15, 2018

Bug Fix: LiveView updates
Oct 05, 2018

Bug Fix: LiveView Dynamic simulation fixed
Sep 28, 2018

Bug Fix: LiveView Output Log fixed
Bug Fix: Static Script tool fixed
Bug Fix: Edit menu snapshot image correctly sized
Bug Fix: Minor fixes to VentSim Connect
Bug Fix: Full precision data for clipboard copy from dynamic graphs
Bug Fix: Currency setting saved in default file
Bug Fix: Fixed letter e shortcut
Bug Fix: Measure tool : finding shortest path with stages

Sep 16, 2018

Bug Fix: Stage SIM Air or Heat settings not been saved

Sep 5, 2018

Bug Fix: Export DXF not exporting z correctly, omitting some lines

Bug Fix: Putting tab or newline charaters in layer name will stop ventsim from reloading the file

Bug Fix: Export to excel fixed

Aug 23, 2018

Bug Fix: selecting File | Save from within Presets dialog will clear presets collection

Bug Fix: VentLog editing historical records from within Ventsim

Aug 9, 2018

Bug Fix: Some users report crash when pressing <ESC> in  Please upgrade if this is an issue

Aug 1, 2018

Bug Fix: Nodes not showing on large models

Bug Fix: Crash may occur when canceling airway draw with escape

Aug 1, 2018

New Feature: New version VentLog 2.0

Improvement: Greatly improved graphical view speed and moving of icons on large models

July 24, 2018

Bug Fix: Airway selection

Bug Fix: Shock loss custom pre-set losing setting

New Feature: New Fire Wizard

New Feature: Importing Data Mine strings will prompt for metric or imperial units

Improvement: New Spanish manual

Improvement: Updated AutoCAD import (2018 support)

Improvement: Auto Shock Loss to vent duct differentiates between static and total pressure fans

June 6, 2018

Bug Fix: Shortest Path Finder may fail

Bug Fix: DXF Importer (VLCONVERTER) not working on some security systems

Improvement: Escape Route Finding improved

May 25, 2018

Bug Fix: STAGES may not name or copy correctly when using COPY TO SHARED stages option

Bug Fix: Some models failing to simulate using MATRIX method

Bug Fix: Crash occurs when large grids displayed

Improvement: Copy / Paste airways to other models now copies icon pictures

Improvement: Escape Route Finding algorithm improved

May 15, 2018

Bug Fix: Model may crash if airways deleted during dynamic simulation

Bug Fix: Static pressure fan curves may cause simulation error

May 8, 2018

Improvement: Spanish Espanol translation complete - manual update still pending

Improvement: Shock Loss Auto calculation updated and recalculated continuously during simulation

Bug Fix: Currency setting not saved

Bug Fix: Excluded airways causing heat simulation problems

Bug Fix: Diesel heat load factor setting changes affecting preset heat settings when saving

Bug Fix: Pressure Colours not saved with file

Bug Fix: Surpac string import not working

Bug Fix: Ventsim 3 backward file compatibility restored

Apr 18, 2018

Bug Fix: Further STAGE merge fixes that were causing airways when stage locked to alway detach when editing

Bug Fix: Datamine importing fixed

Improvement: Explosives simulation and Contaminant Simulation now fully decoupled

Apr 16, 2018

Bug Fix: Stage Merge function not working

Apr 5, 2018

Bug Fix: Bugs fixes include moving nodes onto other nodes, reference surfaces, some models fail simulation, icons on main form to large under toolbar buttons

Apr 4, 2018

New Feature: Normal fans can be applied as jet fans in models

Improvement: Panning control behaviour improved

Improvement: Ventsim can be opened maximised or part sized

Bug Fix: Filter may remove some airways from different stages

Bug Fix: Fire simulation on very short airways may cause erratic behaviour

Bug Fix: Moving or deleting stages can produce errors

Mar 31, 2018

Improvement: New speed control method for dynamic / blasting / fire simulation allows control of speed from REAL TIME to MAX with slider.

Bug Fix: massflow fix option fixed for Matrix Solver

Mar 20, 2018

Bug Fix: Airways not joining when drawing (default startup lock setting)

Bug Fix: Tweaks to Edit Form / Select Behaviour

Bug Fix: Duct editing selection issue fixed

Bug Fix: Preset resistances can get mixed up when sorting

Improvement: New pressure data option - duct pressure static (relative to airway)

Improvement: Improved duct shockless adds velocity losses automatically at end of duct

Improvement: New Icons for draw mode

Mar 12, 2018

Bug Fix: V5 simulaition engine tweaked for accomodate many fixed flows

Bug Fix: Minor UI bugs fixed

Mar 12, 2018

Bug Fix: Reference points lose accuracy

Bug Fix: Flags not reset correctly after dynamic sim

Mar 10, 2018

Bug Fix: New View added - check for duplicates

Bug Fix: Favorite icon changes

Bug Fix: Insert node - check for surface airway

Mar 9, 2018

Bug Fix: Numerous Minor Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Lock cursor while drawing starts deselected